I just made my first booking. What do I need to know?

After your booking has been approved, you may begin your booking up to 15 minutes before the allocated start time of your booking from the "Trips" menu in the app.

At the start of your booking:

- Unlock the car using the app or Ohmie GO Pass which will unlock the car as well as the charger port

- Plug the charger cable out of the car and wrap it around the wall charger

- Replace the charger cap on the car and close the charger door

- Please note the garage remote key is attached to the windscreen above the driver's head

You are now ready to drive!

 At the end of your booking:

- Plug the charger into the car

- Ensure belongings are taken with you

- Click the "End Booking" button in the app

NOTEThe car must be charging in order to be able to end the booking.

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