I just made my first booking. What do I need to know?

After your booking has been approved, you may begin your booking up to 15 minutes before the allocated start time of your booking from the future bookings menu in the app. Please note that if you do not start your booking at most 15 minutes after your scheduled start date, your booking will expire and may incur expiration fees.

At the start of your booking:

  • After the booking is started, the vehicle will automatically unlock and stop charging. Disconnect the charger cable from the vehicle and wrap it around the charger. If you experience issues with disconnecting the cable, please refer to this article.
  • Swipe cards (site access, Tesla vehicle key card etc.) are all within reach of the driver. Please make sure they are placed back where they were after use.

You are now ready to drive!

 At the end of your booking:

- Plug the charger into the car

- Ensure belongings are taken with you

- Click the "End Booking" button in the app

NOTEThe car must be charging in order to be able to end the booking.

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