How much does it cost to use?

It is currently $15/hour and $79/day and $199/weekend.

An example of what you would be charged is given below:

The standard charge is $ 15 per hour up to a maximum of $ 79 per day. This is charged in five-minute increments. If the vehicle is returned early Ohmie GO will only charge up to the five-minute increment of what was used.

There is also a pre-authorisation charge which is temporarily taken based on your booking period.

For example:
1 hour booking from: 5 PM - 6 PM
Pre-authorisation charge: $ 15
Returned at: 5:32 PM
Charged up to 5:35 PM: $ 8.75

Total cost = $ 8.75

Pre-authorisation charge(s) would be returned after 3 business days.

Please refer to our fees for full details by clicking here.

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