How do I charge the vehicle outside of my assigned site?

We have limited the maximum duration for bookings to 1 day so our users do not have to worry about charging out there in the wild. However, in the rare case you think your trip will exceed the range that is avaiable in the car there are super charger facilities available for you to charge your car (at the user's own cost).

Tesla Destination Chargers

The location of Tesla chargers are integrated into the screen within Tesla vehicles. As a result you are able to plan your trips to include Tesla chargers along your route. Please note the user will be billed for the charge at a later date once the final amount has been confirmed.

1. Manual Search

You can manually search for Tesla chargers by clicking on the Charger icon on the maps screen. This will bring up chargers around your area.

2. Automatic Routing

If you search a trip using Tesla's navigation, it will automatically route you through Tesla's charger network if it thinks the trip will exceed the vehicle's range. Here is an example planning a route from Sydney to Melbourne.


ChargeFox has built multiple charge sites across the country. In order to access their charging network, download their app, make an account and the whole charging process is done through the app.


Very similar to ChargeFox. Download their app, create an account and manage charging through the app.


NRMA have many charging sites across the south east side of Australia. Please check their website for a map of their chargers. Currently, these chargers are free to use but it will become a paid service for non-NRMA customers eventually.

Google Maps

In general, searching something like 'electric vehicle charger' on Google Maps will give you a list of charging stations in your selected area. There are many service providers that Google will show that we have not mentioned, so please do your research before using a charging station.

Powerpoint Charging

Electric vehicles can be charged via a power point nearby. The charging cable can be found by pulling up the bottom layer in the boot where another compartment can be found which contains the charging kit. Please note it takes a much longer time to charge from a power point so plan accordingly(1+ days for a full charge from empty).


Please plan your long distance trips carefully! Towing an electric vehicle that has no battery charge can be very expensive and these costs are passed to the user as per the Terms and Conditions.

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