First time user's guide

Here you will find out how to make your first booking, how to start, and how to end it.

Making a booking:

  1. Select the the starting date of your booking using the date and time picker on the home screen. Use the reset button to quickly jump back to the current time
  2. Choose which vehicle you'd like to book
  3. Select the amount of time you'd like the vehicle for (maximum 1 day at this time). Some options may be greyed out because there are other bookings occupying those times. The 'Weekend' button will pick the next weekend block (Friday 6pm to Monday 9am) which will also have a special weekend discounted rate. 
  4. Ensure all booking details are correct, select the appropriate payment method and confirm the booking
  5. Accept the terms and conditions (if you have not already, familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions documentation)

Starting a booking:

Your booking may be started up to 15 minutes before your scheduled time. If it has not been started after 15 minutes of your scheduled time, the booking will expire and may incur fees.

  1. Head to your list of upcoming bookings
  2. Click on the "Start" button for the booking you wish to begin

*Please note that the vehicle will be unlocked as soon as you begin your booking

Ending a booking:

  1. You can go into your ongoing booking by clicking the icon in the follow screenshot
  2. When viewing your ongoing booking, you can end your current booking by tapping the 'End Booking' button from the Booking Information tab. The booking will successfully end unless it has not been plugged into a charger from its original site.
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