How do I get the bike out of my site?

Please follow the guidelines at your location and use the prefered technique recommended by the building as each site will have its own rules. Ask the building's concierge, receptionist, or security counter if you're still not sure.

Use staircases with cycle ramps to exit/enter the building with the bike if they are available in your building instead of lifts. Use the walk assist function (instruction detailed here) to help you push up the ramps.

For 1 Denison North Sydney:

  • Take the end of trip lifts to B2 to access the bike locker where the Ohmie GO bike docks are located.
  • When leaving the building with the eBike you must walk up the stairs using the bike ramp and leave through the back ground floor entrance. As advised by building management, under no circumstances should the bikes go in the lift. As the ramps are steep we highly advise you utilise the walk assist function.
  • When returning the bike please enter the same way you left
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