How do I lock the bike while out and about?

The eBikes come supplied with a locking chain and rear wheel lock to secure the bike while in public.

Bike chain
Wheel lock
  • Turn the key in the rear wheel lock clockwise and hold it to release the chain peg.
  • Pull out the chain peg while holding the key turned, unwrap the chain from the seat post and secure it through a bike rack or other secure bar.
  • Replace the peg back into the lock.
  • While holding the key turned clockwise, use the small silver lever of the right side of the lock to bring the wheel lock bar through the wheel. To ensure it has a clear path of spokes go slowly and adjust the wheel as needed.
  • Once it has reached the other side release the key. The bar should stay in place.
  • Remove the key (while it is straight) and keep it with you while out and about.
  • Please replace the bike chain neatly wrapped around the seat post when finished with the lock. Ensure the keys are back in the lock, don't worry they cannot fall out.
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