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Choosing an eBike

Ohmie GO currently offers 2 different models of eBike for rental. Here are the main differences between them:

Lekker X Amsterdam+
Step-through frame Diamond frame
Front and back storage rack Front storage rack
3 speed mechanical gears + motor assistance Motor assistance

Please check out our quick start video guides for the Lekker X and Amsterdam+ or continue reading this article to find out how to operate and use the eBikes

Operating the eBike

Turning it on

  • Lekker X: Tap the power button on the top of the battery in the frame first and wait until there's a single light on the rightmost LED, which indicates the battery is on.

  • Both models: Press and hold the power button at the back of the controller on the left handlebar until the controller screen turns on.

Using the Bafang controller

The controller is the same between bike models. Please see the diagram below to learn about the controller display.

There are two buttons on the front of the controller (denoted by [+] and [-] ) which perform certain functions.

  • Use [+] to increase and [-] to decrease the level of motor assistance (note level 0 means "no assistance")
  • Press and hold [+] to turn on the lights
  • Press [-] until a symbol with a person walking a bicycle appears. While this symbol is present press and hold [-] to activate the walk assist function which provides a low level motorised speed to aid you in walking or pushing the eBikes. 
    • Note: the Lekker X and Amsterdam+ eBike models weigh ~20kg so please consider your safety while walking bikes uphill and use the walk assist function to avoid discomfort and/or injury. 

Lekker X only: Using the 3 speed mechanical gears

On the right handlebar of you'll find a mechanical gear shifter. Turn it up or down to switch mechanical gears, which may be necessary depending on the terrain you are riding on. Please ensure you only change gears while pedalling.

Using the bike lock while away from dock

The eBikes come supplied with a chain and rear wheel lock to secure the bike while in public.

Bike chain
Wheel lock
  1. Turn the key in the rear wheel lock clockwise and hold it to release the chain peg.
  2. Pull out the chain peg while holding the key turned, unwrap the chain from the seat post and secure it through a bike rack or other secure bar.
  3. Replace the peg back into the lock.
  4. While holding the key turned clockwise, use the small silver lever of the right side of the lock to bring the wheel lock bar through the wheel. To ensure it has a clear path through the spokes go slowly and adjust the wheel as needed.
  5. Once the bar has reached the other side release the key. The bar should stay in place.
  6. Remove the key (while it is straight, may require jiggling) and keep it with you while out and about.
  7. Turn the key clockwise to unlock the wheel lock and the chain peg when you are finished.
  8. Wrap the chain around the seat post when finished. Ensure the keys are back in the lock (don't worry they won't fall out!).

Returning the bike

  1. Locate the dock your bike belongs to by checking the dock number and model in the app
  2. To return the bike align it with the wheel stand and gently push it into the lock. You should feel a tactile "click" and the bike should be secure on both sides of the fork.
  3. End the booking via the app after the bike is secure in the dock and the charger has been plugged in.
    • If you receieve an error that the bike is not locked properly please unlock the dock using the app controls and try again.
    • If you receieve an error that the bike is not charging when you have it plugged in please double check the bungee cord is plugged in at both the dock and the bike.
    • Lekker X only: the battery must still be on (showing a single green LED) for it to charge.
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