Installation of TP-Link Smart Plug HS110


Congratulations on becoming a participant in Amber Electric’s SmartShift trial. Ohmie HOME is helping Amber Electric with the trial to make sure your home can participate in Australia’s exciting new energy initiative.


Before we start, please ensure you have the following:

  • TP-Link Smart Plug (Model HS110)
  • Load Device (Pool Pump)



Please take all appropriate precautions when dealing with your pool pump and the smart plug.

Do not attempt to install if conditions are hazardous including:

  • When it is raining
  • There are excessively wet surfaces nearby, around or on the plug or socket
  • Your hands are wet

Preparation – Before You Begin

Please turn off and unplug your pool pump.

Do this by:

  1. Turning off the pool pump (according to your pool pump's manual)
  2. Turning off your socket
  3. Unplugging the pool pump by firmly gripping the base (not the cord!)

Smart Plug Installation Instructions

You will have receive a package shown:

The Smart Plug has the following features:

Turn on the switch for the intended socket:

Plug the Smart Plug into the socket and watch the Wi-Fi Indicator Light

Wi-Fi Indicator Light should glow amber for 10 seconds and then flash green on and off rapidly for 5 seconds

When connected to your the Wi-Fi Indicator Light should be solid green

If after 30 seconds the Wi-Fi Indicator Light is still blinking or not solid green, please contact Ohmie HOME support (details below)

Please make sure the power indicator light is OFF as shown in the image above.

Plug your pool pump into the Smart Plug

Turn on the pool pump by toggling the power button. The power light indicator should turn green and your pool pump should turn on.

Installation Video

If you would like a video of this process, you may see it below:


If you require support, please email us at

PDF Version of Installation Guide

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